June 13th Public Workshop

Is the light at the end of the tunnel an oncoming train?

Published June 14th in The News Dispatch:

The Updated Central Corridor Option was presented to the council and city residents in a public workshop. If approved, the updated version of the Central Corridor Option will turn 11th Street into a one-way, single-lane eastbound street. The South Shore Line will remain on the north side of the street, but it will be rebuilt as a two-track section.

The cross streets that will remain open are Sheridan Avenue, Willard Avenue, Chicago Street/Kentucky Street, Ohio, Wabash Street, Washington Street, Franklin Street, Lafayette Street, Oak Street, Michigan Boulevard, Vail Street, School Street, Woodlawn Avenue, Pleasant Avenue and Carroll Avenue.

So are we done? Do we have a “shovel ready” plan for the future of the South Shore? Not quite.

Published June 18th in The News Dispatch:

Third Ward Councilman Ron Hamilton Jr. says that he will re-introduce a resolution to ban the new Central Corridor Option for the South Shore Realignment project.

At a City Council meeting in May, Hamilton introduced the resolution, which was eventually withdrawn because of a typographical error, that asked the City Council to ban a double-track rail in the 10th and 11th street corridor.

The saga continues …